I’m Grateful For…Mom’s Night Out

More than being able to eat a warm meal out with other moms without kiddos trying to climb out of high chairs and run around the whole time, I enjoyed the awesome conversations that we were able to have. Of course, it mainly revolves around parenting and all things motherhood, but the wisdom and advice exchanged was life-giving to this tired mama. My perspective on handling discipline, tantrums, and other tough moments during the day were given a freshness that I really needed! Even just hearing that my child is going to push boundaries to really know what they are and being reaffirmed that every child is different and that is totally normal helped to quiet my heart. I felt like it would race every time Isla pushed the limits and intentionally did the opposite of what I say. Now, I notice more grace and patience in my approach to correcting her, and I’m so thankful! To me, time with these moms proved to be necessary and something I need to prioritize! I’m so grateful for other moms speaking wisdom to me and encouraging me beyond what they even know.

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