Baby #2 On The Way!

My husband and I recently announced that in April 2020, we will be a family of 4! It’s so exciting to think of Isla being a big sister. We don’t know if we are having a boy or girl yet, but we hope to find out in a few weeks. We are so grateful to be going through this again. I know that pregnancy can be difficult and frustrating at times as you can feel totally out of control of your own body, but I never want to take this for granted either.

I’m getting ready to enter my second trimester, and this pregnancy is definitely going by quickly. Staying busy with my 17 month old will do that! So far, I’m finding it to be very true that your belly can pop a lot faster the second time around! I feel like I started to look pregnant around 8 weeks. Needless to say, I’ve already been slathering the stretch mark lotion on for weeks now.

Overall, there is so much joy and love surrounding this little baby. We can’t wait to welcome him/her into our home. Ross and I feel more relaxed this time around for sure. We are also praying that this baby is super relaxed and loves to sleep! Regardless of how much or how little sleep we get, we feel so blessed to be entrusted with the precious life. You are so loved little one!

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