Apologizing to my Husband

I’ll admit-I’m on edge. And my husband receives the brunt of the consequences. I try so hard to be the chill wife and mom that isn’t easily frazzled or stressed. I’m better at it some days than others. But when the frazzle strikes, my husband is not going to know where it came from or what to do. And for that, I apologize. You did nothing to deserve my irritable remarks or frustrated outburst that quickly ruined a nice dinner or pleasant family time at home. I don’t know why I let things build up to that point. Well, maybe I do. I like to think I can handle it all. Maintaining a perfect home, perfect child, perfect everything. But when my house is in disarray or Isla is being extra demanding, and I haven’t prepared myself mentally to handle it, POP! My lid blows off and I’m gone. In all reality, this fact about me is super disappointing for me to face. If there are days or even just moments where I can’t handle basic things such as dirty dishes or a crying child, how do I think I’m going to handle having more children, or even when those children grow up and start back-talking? With love and grace? It’s not looking that way!

My husband helps me so much in this department, but it requires me putting aside my pride and asking for his help. He’s not a mind reader. I can’t expect him to know I’m getting overwhelmed before I have even expressed it. I know I’ll ask forgiveness time and time again. But I love that we’re on the same team doing this together, because he’s the best teammate in the world. I’m not meant to handle it all on my own, and I need to know my triggers and practice disciplines that turn my frustration into patience and stress into a smile full of grace. That’s what I want people to do for me, after all!

Wives, it can be easy to be hard on our husbands in different departments, but let’s never forget to be quick to see where we have made missteps as a loving and encouraging spouse, and apologize! It is such a healthy practice in any relationship, especially a marriage.

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