Zoo Day

This week Isla and I were invited to join my friend Elise and her daughter Maddie at the zoo. My mother-in-law, Karla, and sister-in-law, Rachel, were able to join as well, and I’m so glad we went! Sometimes I need a push to get outside of my typical routine with Isla, and I’m always so glad I end up doing it.

The word “perfect” describes the whole experience. It wasn’t very busy, the weather was absolutely amazing, they gave us free Dippin’ Dots, and our kids had zero meltdowns and were happy the whole time.

There were many moments during the day where I just smiled and thought about how thankful I am to have these opportunities during the day with family and friends because I stay at home with my daughter. I realized how grateful I am to be able to make these precious memories every single day. My dreams of motherhood are being realized right before me, and I need to be present in every moment!

Isla is growing up so so fast. She amazes me with all that she picks up on constantly. And I am so excited to make outings like going to the zoo something we do more often.

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