Baby Glasses!

A couple of months ago, we took Isla to get her eyes looked at because her right eye kept turning in and was getting worse as time went on. We were hoping it’d correct itself sooner than later, but we are glad we ended up getting it checked out because she does indeed need glasses! I wasn’t expecting to hear that she needed them right away, but boy did it make a difference.

Glasses aren’t cheap! We paid just under $200 for Isla’s, so we were really hoping she wouldn’t pull them off constantly and would learn to enjoy wearing them because she could actually see better. And that’s what happened! She’ll tug at them here and there when she’s tired, as to be expected, but for as many hours a day that she does keep them on, I couldn’t be happier.

There aren’t many options at all from what I’ve seen for baby glasses. Her face is still just too small for anything other than Miraflex glasses. I will say that they do offer a couple of different frame shapes and enough color options that I stared at them all for 10 minutes before finally making a decision. I’m overall super pleased with our experience with these glasses and would recommend them for any of your kiddos.

If any of your little ones wear glasses, please share your pictures with me! Isla has always made friends with strangers in public, and her sweet new frames draw people in even more, and it’s so awesome to see the smiles she puts on so many faces.

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