Don’t Forget to Encourage Your Mom

I had lunch with my mom today. Before I go further, I want to encourage those of you who have the opportunity, to go grab some lunch with your mom in the near future. It will be good for the soul.

I brought Isla with me, so we had about as deep and meaningful conversation as you can have with a busy 11 month old, but in between those welcomed disruptions, was an exchange of life-giving words. I prayed on my way to lunch with my mom that my words and conversation would be of importance, spiritual value, and encouragement.

At some point, there is some sort of shift where you are not so much a dependent, needy child but instead more of a peer of sorts with your parent. Meaning, we can offer one another advice in many areas of life and share wisdom that we have gained with them if they are willing to listen. For parents, this may feel uncomfortable at first, but I think it can be so healthy as we go through different seasons of life. My mom has been in a stressful point in her life for a few years now as her academic career has brought her so close to the finish line in graduating to become a nurse anesthetist. She still has a couple of months left to go, and for her, and all of us really, the end couldn’t get here fast enough. Despite the endless homework and long clinical hours can lie true energizing moments. That amazing conversation with the patient before going under for a surgery, the constructive criticism from your boss helping you know how to improve, and the discipleship amongst your peers in school, give opportunities for my mom to make lasting impacts among all of these she interacts with. For you, this may look very different with what you have going on in your daily lives, but fellow moms, seize each moment with grace given from above.

My mom has endured so much throughout her entire lifetime. She is stronger than she knows, and I hope I can be there for her the way she has walked alongside me in my life. She may be in a stressful place right now, but she has been through so much already, and I’m excited to see how she uses daily moments to allow Christ to bring life in every circumstance.

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