The Truth Behind the Photo

It wouldn’t seem like there should be a story behind this photo besides that it looks like I’m enjoying time on a hammock while my daughter takes a nap. While that was the case, the events leading up to this picture were enough to stress me out for a long time.
This picture was taken about an hour and a half after getting to a lake house that my husband and I were going to be at with his family for the weekend. At the time, Ross and I lived over 3 hours away from our family and hadn’t seen them in about 4 weeks. When we arrived, everyone was so excited to see Isla and wanted to hold her. This is when the story takes a turn. She started screaming her head off and crying so hard that nothing was soothing her. I tried feeding her, putting her to sleep, walking around with her, EVERYTHING. After this went on for what feels like the whole evening, I finally sat in the hammock and while we rocked. Her sobbing finally turned into a softer cry and then she eventually wore herself out and fell asleep.
When this picture was taken, I was so glad she finally calmed down, but I was also so worried as to what was going on and if my daughter was ever going to be chill around other people, especially family members, since I am the one she is around 24/7.
I never posted this photo on social media, but if I had, people wouldn’t have thought that I was struggling in that moment to know what was best for my daughter and that I needed to be in a better head space. I want to be more transparent in how I portray my motherhood journey and not just post pictures that only show the highlights. In the beginning of motherhood, it didn’t take much to overwhelm me. I knew that Isla wasn’t super easy going, and it prevented me from letting other people help.
If that’s how you’re feeling, I’ve been there and am still there! I don’t have it all together, but we can come together mommas and encourage one another that it’s all going to be ok!

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