Mom Blues

It’s a real thing for so many moms out there, and occasionally I let it get the best of me. I didn’t really get postpartum depression, but ever since becoming a mom 6 months ago, I’ve had my moments, and even days, where I feel overwhelmed and sad. These blues normally rear its ugly head more after Isla has had a couple rough nights in a row where she woke up about once every hour, leaving me exhausted and short tempered. I hate that I let lack of sleep affect me this way. I’m also more prone to be sad when I compare my daughter to the progress of other mom’s kids that I see talking about how well their kids sleep at night, how happy they always are, or all their new milestones that they are achieving. I’m supposed to be so happy for these moms and how awesome their kids are, but instead I’m feeling sorry for myself!

My husband is a saint you guys. He is my best friend and partner in this whole parenting adventure. When I’m feeling outside of my body in a sea of sadness, he reminds me that there is no set normal for every child. When Isla is being so friendly and happy, what a blessing! When she is being fussy and only wants mom or dad to hold her, what a blessing! When she hardly slept the night before, what a blessing! There are always reminders that our daughter is a wonderful gift that God entrusted us with. We have the honor and adventure of navigating her big personality and ups and downs that she experiences during the day.


Now this is not to say that if you have postpartum depression that you need to just change your perspective–that is something very different, and you definitely should seek help if that is what you are experiencing. In the same breath, it’s also ok to seek help if you feel like you need just a change in attitude or perspective. I feel like I need this on a daily basis. And 6 months later, I’m still working on making this a daily routine of embracing the dark under eye circles and thinning and brittle postpartum hair that are reminders that I have a beautiful and vibrant baby girl that I love with my entire being!

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