Countdown to Thanksgiving…I’m grateful for dreams

Not the kind of dreams that you have when you sleep, but I love to be able to just sit and think through hopes and dreams that I have for the day and the future.
To be honest, today was not one of my best mentally. I struggled to be in any sort of good head space where I was able to easily come up with something I’m grateful for. I was stumped for quite a while. But then I remembered the reason why I didn’t have the best day and came up with something to be grateful for out of it.
The biggest reason why I have my bad days mentally is when I feel completely insignificant. Being a SAHM is not always fun and exciting. I spend time scrolling through social media and find either working moms that seem to have more of a life or other SAHMs that have some sort of side hustle or frequent date nights that help to break up the monotony.
Today, I found myself thinking through ways to pull myself out of my pity party slump. I feel like ultimately that’s what it is when I’m feeling sorry for myself or my current situation. I really try to think through careers I might be interested in pursuing one day when the kids are older, or a side hustle I may want to start while the kids are young, and the list goes on…Ultimately, it can get me super excited for what’s to come—a reminder that the days of raising young ones won’t last forever. Yes, today was tough, but I’m praying for a better tomorrow. I’m thankful for the tough days that can bring about hope.

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