I’m Grateful For…Good Days

Today was one of those “good” days. The kind of days where the tantrums and overall fussiness were at a minimum, and nothing but love and cuddles were exchanged between my daughter and me. These kinds of days are especially welcomed when they are followed by tough days, which was the case for us as well. Yesterday was mentally draining for me, and just when I think I can’t be a mom for one more second, I get a second wind with days like today, and I’m reminded that God knows just what we need and cares about us and our well-being. I need to remember that these good days do exist when I’m tempted to drown in the tears, anxiety, and frustration that surround my bad days and know that this is but a moment that won’t last forever, and I can choose the way I want to handle both the good and bad days. My situation doesn’t have to control me. It’s easier said than done, but no matter what tomorrow brings, I’m casting all my cares upon the Lord, because I know He cares for me.

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