My Isla Girl

I know she is only 7 months old, but any other mommas out there relate when I say that there’s just a way your child looks at you and interacts with you that makes you feel like you are the best of buddies? I’ve been feeling that way with my daughter lately and it makes being a stay-at-home mom such a blast. We will be on the floor playing and she will give me a look that just stops me in my tracks. She trusts me so much and it’s such an exciting and terrifying feeling all at once. My Isla girl, your mom is so in love with you. So is your dad-we can’t leave him out! But I’ll say there’s no denying the special bond that I have with my daughter. It can make separation anxiety a real thing (LOL!) but I wouldn’t trade each and every day with her for anything. People tried to to explain to me the love you have for your child before my daughter was born, and being able to hold, feed, care for, and love this child far surpasses what I could have even imagined. I’m so grateful to God for this blessing.

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