Countdown to Thanksgiving…I’m Grateful For Cherry Vanilla Bagels

If you haven’t tried these from Panera Bread, you should! I don’t know why I haven’t heard of these sooner, but they are my new fave! On Tuesdays, their baker’s dozen is on sale, so we like to stock up on our favorite bagel flavors for the week. There’s just something about a warm, toasted bagel with butter that makes feel so thankful! And that’s where I’m getting with today’s post, which is also the last of the “Countdown to Thanksgiving” posts! I’m thankful for the “big” things, of course, like my house, husband, children, family, etc, but I’m super thankful for the everyday small things too, like my current favorite bagel flavor! In the grind and day-to-day routine that may or may not always be super exciting, I find it important to notice those things that are a part of your everyday that you are super thankful for. And don’t just think of one thing, although that’s a great place to start! My goal is to be able to think of one thing every hour that I am grateful for. I’ll give it a try right now: coffee, bagels, ability to stay home and stay in pjs, Isla’s laughter, exercise, rest, lights on the Christmas tree, baking, feeling Remi moving in my belly…and those are all things just from today! I know I’m always grateful for the bigger things, and those are easier to think of, so I’m going to enjoy the rest of this week focused on opening my eyes to the smaller things to be grateful for because they are all around. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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