Countdown to Thanksgiving…I’m Grateful For Saying “Hi”

Most people want to talk, or are at least willing to talk, they just need someone to initiate-I love that Isla picks up on that and says “hi” to complete strangers.
A recent example of this happened the other day. Walking back to our car after an errand, Isla turned around and noticed someone behind us. I had already noticed this person because I feel like I’m always aware of my surroundings (in more of a self-defense, protect myself and my family kind of way). Her response wasn’t to ignore this person. She instead says “hi” in the sweetest voice there is. The lady responded back in a friendly way, mentioning that she was on her way to get some coffee while on her break. My daughter teaches me a lot about being kind and noticing others—not for the potential danger they possess—but for them being in a near proximity to where they could hear our voice if we just said a simple “hello”. I hate that this concept can be so lost on me sometimes. The way Isla approaches strangers definitely makes it feel like she has friends all around. I’m so thankful that she is able to teach me to look around and notice others that may want, or even need, someone to give them a friendly “hello”.

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