I’m Grateful For…Wakeup Calls

I literally typed into Pinterest today, “tips to minimalize my life and enjoy motherhood more.” I was shocked, to be honest, after reading that sentence back. Is that honestly where I’m at as a mom? Overwhelmed and desperate to find those moments in the day where I can be stopped in my tracks and think, “wow, I’m so grateful for this moment and I want to take notice of that and document it.” The documentation isn’t for anyone per se. It’s for your own recollection and daily discipline so that you stay in the habit and mindset of being conscious of daily gratitudes. I listened to a podcast today as well that talked about how this woman keeps a gratitude journal. She makes it a common practice to write down what it is she’s grateful for and is able to see how God has been so amazing and faithful in her life. It can be super helpful to look back through if your in a low valley and need a reminder of God’s constant goodness. One example she gave of her journal entry was that a tree in her yard had fallen and destroyed the play set, trampoline, and part of the roof. However, if it had fallen two feet closer to the house, it would’ve wiped out the part of the house where all the bedrooms are and could’ve killed her children. In bleak circumstances when it seems like there’s much to grumble and complain about-guess what?! There’s still something to be grateful for!

I’m feeling convicted and challenged to start using this blog platform as my online grateful journal. I want to be an example to my daughter and those around me of what a life rooted in the Lord looks like, and that’s a life of gratefulness and love.

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