Date Night!

During my birthday weekend, we had Isla’s grandparents watch her not just once, but twice! That is rare for this momma! One time it was for a dinner date with just me and Ross, and the other time was for a double date with my sister and her husband.

My heart didn’t realize how badly I needed that! It was such a reset for me to leave Isla for a couple hours, knowing that she was having a blast, and spend some time with my husband with my undivided attention. I really hope to make this more of a routine! Even though I know there are people that would love to watch Isla, I feel like I have to be so selective as to when I use those “cards” so that I don’t wear anyone out. I know that’s not how people actually feel, but I can convince myself otherwise at times.

Not only do Ross and I need that time together, it’s also so healthy for Isla to have time away from me too! We struggle with getting her to stay in the nursery at church right now, and I’m hoping consistency and patience will help her to stay down there the whole time one day!

Right now I’ve only had Isla’s aunts and grandparents watch her, and I know the day is coming when I may need to hire a sitter to stay with her, so I’m wondering how you guys have helped your kids be ok with a sitter who isn’t family watch them?

My new tip for getting in date nights (or date days if your schedule allows!) is to put it on the calendar! Schedule that sitter or grandparent to watch your kids as much as weeks in advance if you can and let it be something that you really look forward to! Spontaneous date nights aren’t as guaranteed to happen, so be sure to plan ahead for those couple of hours of kid free time to reconnect as a couple.

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