What I Eat In a Day

Before I got pregnant, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy, I haven’t changed my diet besides adjusting my caffeine intake. Over 2 years ago I cut out meat and dairy due to digestive issues I was experiencing, and I’ve never looked back! This post is not to say that this is what you should or should not eat, but rather to share what works for me personally, and if you have any questions, I’d love to answer them!

Before breakfast, I take my favorite probiotic, which is Good Belly. It’s non-dairy, and the flavors are delicious.

For breakfast, I have a bowl full of brown sugar oatmeal and sometimes a piece of toast as well if I’m extra hungry. Also, I can’t go without a cup of coffee! I just add stevia in the raw to sweeten it.

For lunch, I usually have a veggie burger, rice, and some sort of veggie like broccoli or green beans.

For an afternoon snack, I’ll try to go for fruit like banana or apple with peanut butter.

For dinner, I normally have a baked potato with lentil vegetable soup or a family fave which are sweet potato tacos. If you’re curious about these, let me know, and I’ll share how I make them!

For an evening snack, after I’ve put Isla to bed, I’ll have a cup of decaf coffee with half of a Lenny and Larry’s vegan protein cookie or a couple Biscoff cookies.

What I eat does not vary a whole lot, unless I’m going out to eat, and in that case, it just depends on the menu. But I can almost always find something to eat anywhere, and I honestly love my diet. When people ask if I miss eating steak or ice cream I can’t deny that it may smell or look delicious, but I know that how I feel outweighs any indulgences that I no longer give in to. Plus, there are so many dairy and meat free options now, that I hardly ever feel like I’m missing out!

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