Isla’s 1st Christmas

How does everyone do Christmas when they have littles that have specific nap/bedtimes? I’m so glad we survived our first Christmas with a child—I really wasn’t sure how it would go! Isla went to bed past her bedtime probably 4 nights out of the past week. She would get a little fussy, but as long as I was holding her or playing with her, she stayed overall in a pleasant mood.

That leads me to another question. When you have extended family in town, do your babies let others hold them? I think Isla is going through separation anxiety in general, but if it even looked like someone other than me was going to hold her, she would immediately start puckering her lips about to cry. WHY? I know it’s just a phase, but it can be tough during the holidays when there are so many family members that want to hold her and give me a little bit of a break! I look forward to next year when she hopefully will go to more people.

Overall, seeing my daughter get so many presents and be around her whole family this Christmas was so special for me as her mom. She even started getting the hang of opening presents! A super fun present we found out as well is that she will be going on a Disney cruise in February!! I am so stinking excited!! What was your favorite gift that your child got this year?

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